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Beyukagha Mirzazadeh (1921-2007)

For each Azerbaijani it is necessary to protect the cultural values, the heritage of world, music, art, created by our people for centuries and to pass them to future generations. The purpose of the project of "National Heritage" carried out by Xalq Bank is just to keep alive this heritage and to pass to future generations.

The first issue of the succession of "National Heritage" has been dedicated to the life and creative activity of People`s Artist of Azerbaijan, Beyukagha Mirzazadeh. The skillful artist who is one of the brilliant representatives of Azerbaijan art of XX century, who has special role in creating Azerbaijan painting school is the author of a number of works of painting, drawing, monumental sculpture and scene drawing. 

With the help of colors and semitones Beyukagha Mirzazadeh described capaciously, at the same time widely the specific and inimitable features of the past times to which he had been turned as an inseparable and important part. Light has been soaked on the spirit of each of his works being the expression of his world outlook full of delight.

That is how Beyukagha Mirzazadeh will be remembered by future generations and his art will define who he was and times he lived in.