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Kamal Ahmad (1940-1994)

Kamal Ahmad oghlu Ahmadov was born on February 28, 1940 in Baku. In 1958-1964 he studied at the Azim Azimzade Art College in Baku. The creativity of the artist, who consirdered such masters as Sattar Bahlulzadeh, Javad Mirjavadov, Tofig Javadov, Rasim Babayev, Gorkhmaz Afandiyev Fazil Najafov as his teachers and mentors, in versatile and complex.

He went through life a lonely traveler, despite the presence of family, friends and associates. He painted while closed off from the world: no one was allowed to come near the mysterious act of creation. He didn`t like to talk about his work, and did not allow any discussions about his own painting; he concealed everythig from all. Kamal Ahmad was expressing his soul; he revealed himself only through the images on the canvas in an endless fellowship with himself. 

He believed that art should be felt. It should not be explained and interpreted. But perhaps the key to understanding the artist`s personality and his perception of the world is when art is felt - when it finds in the viewer`s soul a lively and heartfelt response. Kamal was fascinated by the philosophies of Nizami and Fizuli, quoted great thinkers and lived like a real dervish in search of the truth, as elusive and illusive as touching the horizon. And he was trying to find the truth, even he lived in poverty and obscurity, as worldly goods made him deviate from the path of a true art.