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Maral Rahmanzadeh

Xalq Bank is launching “Xalq Əmanəti” (National Heritage) project aimed at preservation of national cultural heritage for future generations to raise awareness of about Azerbaijan art in the world. As a part of the project works of prominent literature, art and scientific figures, as well as national art samples published in the special edition with exquisite design were presented to the wide public at the exhibition organized by Xalq Bank. “Xalq Əmanəti” project is a contribution of Xalq Bank to cultural promotion of Azerbaijan and preservation of its cultural heritage.

The third issue of the “Xalq Əmanəti” is dedicated to the life and work of Maral Rahmanzadeh, the first woman professional artist, laureate of state reward, people’s artist, and owner of “Shohret” (Glory) medal. 

Industrial and nature scenes, samples of book graphics by Maral Rahmanzadeh have become an integral part of rich cultural heritage of Azerbaijan nation. Feminine, idealised Azerbaijani women, characters of “a new Soviet woman” are examples of highly emotional works dedicated to oil-workers as well as large retrospectives of urban and rural scenes are among topics and characters created with love and passion by Maral Rahmanzadeh that have place of their own in the history of Azerbaijani art.