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Mikayil Abdullayev (1921-2002)

The People`s Artist of the USSR and Azerbaijan, the laureate of the International Jawaharlal Nehru Award, the State Award of the USSR and the Lenin Award Mikayil Abdullayev devoted his talent and creativity to description of Azerbaijani nature, national characters of the Azerbaijan and its glamorous history. The inheritance of the great artist played a considerable part in the art of drawing and graphics to be developed. It became precious pages of the national line art. The pieces by Mikayil Abdullayev are exhibited in museums of many countries and those bright samples assert Azerbaijan`s culture. With love and skills the artist`s canvases depict national and spiritual values. Other motives also inspired him, like our nation`s history, unique beauty of Azerbaijan`s nature. Indian depictions were considered to be best in the former USSR among the ones created in the theme.

M.Abdullayev was the author of grand, monumental works dedicated to the poetry of the great Nizami. Mosaics on the theme "Khamsa" (a collection of five poems) not only decorated the station of the Baku Metro, which is named after Nizami, but also created an extraordinary atmosphere in this space. In a sort of underground art gallery, these immortal poetic images of Nizami gain visible material form, presenting an impactful spiritual, aesthetic, poetic and philosophical introduction to his verse.

Another considerable contribution was made by M.Abdullayev in development of the national theatre. He was an author of a stage design to "Leyli and Majnun" and "Koroglu" operas, "Chitra" ballet by Niyazi. The prominent composer Fikrat Amirov called him a "Painter with the heart of composer".

Many artists have been brought up at school established by Mikayil Abdullayev. They continue serving the objective to develop a national art.