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Khalida Safarova (1926-2005) and Mahmud Tagiyev (1923-2001)

Preservation and passing on to future generation the cultural values that have been created by the Azerbaijan people for centuries, its artistic, musical and poetic heritage, is very important for every Azerbaijani. “Xalq Amanaty”. (National Heritage) – a project implemented by the Xalq Bank which aims to immortalize for future generations the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people carefully preserved and carried through the centuries.

The fifth edition of the series “Xalq Amanaty” is devoted to the life and art of the prominent Azerbaijani artists Khalida Safarova (1926-2005) and Mahmud Tagiyev (1923-2001).

In spite of the similarity of motifs and themes touched upon by the artists, their works are notable for their art form and plastic solution. While works of Mahmud Tagiyev are characterized by a monumental scale, inclination to the epic way of thinking, Khalida Safarova, along with a good sense of the beauty of nature and world of things, sought to transfer the pulsating rhythm of modern life.