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Real stories

A client has got the following SMS: "Now you can withdraw up to 1 000 AZN at once from Xalq Bank ATM".  He calls to the Call Center and expresses his indignation: "Lady, you sent me a message that I can withdraw 1000 manats. I checked my card but the balance remains the same. When you finally overcharge my 1000 manats? "


A young man who is interested in a mortgage loan, calling to the Call Center: " Lady, I have a fiancee, I love her and we're going to get married. Given these facts, please explain me, why I can not  get a preferential mortgage at 4% per annum?"


A young man calls the Bank and very nervously talks to the operator : " Lady, you did not give me a mortgage loan with no down payment, so I could not buy an apartment. As a result i failed to get married, my fiancee has left me!"

An aged female dials a number starting with 513 8. ... Apparently, because of the seized button with the number "5", several times she dials the Call Center of the Bank on 138. Immediately picked up phone the operator, "hinders" the woman to complete her call. After another dialing the woman angrily yells into the phone: "Well, what kind of person are you? You don't allow me to complete my dial and grab the receiver right away. Is not it clear that I am not calling you ...? "


- Lady, how much should i pay as a down payment for a mortgage?

- 30%

- Any chance to get loan with no down payment?

- Sorry, its impossible, initial payment is mandatory for the mortgage.

- Let's do in such way, you increase by 30%  the amount of my mortgage loan, so I returned these money to you as a down payment.


The Call Center receives a call, and the calling person excitedly informs that he has got an SMS of default of repayment of the loan, but he never has got a loan from Xalq Bank. To be precise, he reads the SMS: "Today is the day of repayment of your loan. Your account number is 138 .... " and then a set of numbers. The operator explained about the account number and drew his attention to the fact that it is impossible to make a call to the account number, i.e SMS was sent from another Bank.