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Card services


SMS-notifications is a service for cardholders of Xalq Bank which allows 24 hours get information about cards' transactions without any contact the Bank or ATM

What are SMS-notifications?

SMS notifications are remote bank service, which allows Xalq Bank customers receiving information about card transactions via mobile phone 24/7.   

Having connected to this service, the customer receives online information about any transaction with the card as a short text message. This allows the customer managing resources and provides additional security for money on the card. 

Holder of primary card may also connect the service for supplementary cards on the same mobile number. In this case the holder of account receives information regarding all his/her primary and supplementary cards. Holder of supplementary card (based on application of the primary cardholder) - on connection to the SMS notifications receives information only for his/her supplementary card.

Who can use SMS-notifications?

The service is available  for Xalq Bank cardholders - subscribers of  Azercell, Bakcell and NarMobile;


Xalq Bank plastic card owners that activated SMS-notification service will be notified by AzeriCard processing center about expire date of their card (information will be send on the 10th day of the last month).

How to become an SMS-notifications user?

  • To connect to the service customer can apply to any branch of the Bank. You can also connect to the service without visiting the Bank's branch, via the Xalq Bank ATMs network or calling 138 to the Information Center;
  • To disconnect from the service, please apply to the Bank or call 138 to the Information Center of Xalq Bank.


  • Monthly subscription fee (for each card connected to the service) - 1.18 AZN;
  • Using this service is not charged by mobile operator.

Important notice!

  • If you are not a Xalq Bank cardholder,  you can order card and connect to SMS notifications;
  • In case of loss, termination and expiry of the card, the cardholder will be disconnected from the service.  Customer can reconnect to SMS notifications by his request and charged according to the current tariffs;
  • In case of any problem with connection the customer can call to Azericard 24 hours customer service, phone: (012) 598 46 97, (012) 598 43 76 or 194 for the subscribers of Bakcell and Azercell, (012) 194 for the subscribers of NarMobile. For calls from abroad (+994 50) 225 28 00.