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Salary cards

Xalq Bank offers to all corporate clients to issue and maintain salary cards.

Salary cards project is a comprehensive solution with maximum facilitation of the payment of salaries and many benefits for companies and employees.

MC Debit allocated for this product combines all functions of international and salary cards.

Below are advantages of Xalq Bank salary cards for your consideration:

  • Reduced security cost required for payment of salaries (organisation of the cash desk, lease of cash collection equipment, etc.)
  • Salaries are paid in a single bank transfer - the Bank undertakes performance of all remaining transactions.
  • Your actions are not limited by the work hours of the Bank. Our ATMs are 24/7 at your disposal.

By cooperating with Xalq Bank, you get the automated transfer and allocation of funds to the accounts of employees and save yourself from additional costs for cash transportation and maintenance of the cash desk.


For complete security of all payment card transactions use 3D Secure system

What are the other advantages?


Funds on card balance are insured!

Card services are here!