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Xalq Bank pays great attention to the development of all areas of Azerbaijani economy.

We offer our clients preferential business loans from the  Entrepreneurship Development Fund (EDF) for up to 10 years at 5% per annum.

The main advantage of loans through the EDF is availability of the grace period when Borrower pays only interests; at the end of the grace period principal amount and interest are paid monthly on the basis of repayment schedule. Grace period is set depending on the loan term and can reach half the life of the loan.

The Entrepreneurship Development Fund (EDF) of the Azerbaijan Republic was established in 1992. The purpose of the Fund is issuing of preferential loans for the development of priority areas of the economy and regions of Azerbaijan.

Amount of loan 

Small loans: 5 000 - 50 000 AZN
Medium loans: 50 001 - 1 000 000 AZN
Large loans: 1 000 001 - 10 000 000 AZN


Small loans: up to 36 months
Medium loans: up to 60 months
Large loans: up to 120 months  


Annual interest rate




Real estate 

Service fee 

0.2% of loan amount
(min. 20 AZN,
max. 1 000 AZN)

Early repayment 

No penalties applied
No additional fee

Requirements to the Borrower

Age restrictions for entrepreneurs: 23 - 63 for women, 23 - 65 for men;
Satisfactory financial position and business activities;
The entrepreneur must be a legal entity or a private entrepreneur;
The entrepreneur must be a citizen of Azerbaijan Republic; the organization must be established in accordance with the current legislation of Azerbaijan.



Please follow this link to view list of documents required for taking Entrepreneurial loans.

To make decision about the issuance of the loan the Bank has right to request additional information, as well as the documents necessary for the confirmation of submitted information.




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