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Card services

Cash by Code

Regardless of Xalq Bank operating mode, this service allows cardholders of Xalq Bank transferring money to non-cardholder via Mobile Banking  or ATM.

With Cash by Code service regardless of Xalq Bank operating mode, at any time of the day, cardholders of the Bank may transfer money  instantly to non-cardholders via Xalq Bank ATMs network or ATMs served by AzeriCard and also using Mobile Banking.

Another advantage of this service is the ability to withdraw cash from ATM without any card.

To send money

Via ATM  - Insert the card into ATM and choose Cash by Code service  in the opened menu. In the next window choose the option “SEND MONEY”. Enter twice the mobile phone number of money recipient, choose the currency and enter the amount you would like to transfer.

The system generates a code consisting of two parts. The first part is printed as a receipt and remains with the sender (the code must be reported to the recipient), the second part is sent as SMS  to mobile phone of the receiving customer. To get cash, recipient must enter both parts of the code.

Through Mobile Banking service - choose Cash by Code option in the main menu. Enter the necessary information  into the appropriate fields. Confirm transfer.  Information about transfer of money will be displayed (recipient of money must be notified) at the monitor.

The maximum amount of one-time transaction is  500 AZN/USD

To receive money

Choose Cash by Code service in ATM menu, enter the code received  from the sender and delivered to the mobile phone, enter currency, amount and withdraw cash.


Send or receive money services are only possible with a special code. The code is active only 24 hours and cannot be restored.


  • Via ATM: 

If money were transferred and withdrawn in ATM of the same bank (money sender’s card is charged)

  • Via Mobile Banking: 

If money withdrawn in Xalq Bank’s ATM (money sender’s card is charged) 



1 %

  • Via ATM: 

If money were transferred and withdrawn in ATM of other bank (money sender’s card is charged)

  • Via Mobile Banking:  

If money withdrawn in ATM of other bank 

(money sender card is charged) 



1.5 %