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Identified prepaid card

Xalq Bank issues identified  prepaid cards for various purposes (insurance payments, one-time social benefits, etc.). 

These cards, equipped with contactless technology, allow transactions only in the amount of prepaid funds, can be cashed and used to pay for any services and products in the territory of the country through branches/ATMs of Xalq Bank or other banks (paying a commission based on current tariffs).



Functional and fast

  • You do not need to open  account to register
  • Valid at all ATMs
  • Contactless
  • Can be used for any retail transactions 

A limit of 15,000 manat per year has been set for cash transactions on the cards. There is a limit of 5,000 manat for cash withdrawals through ATMs.



From Xalq Bank ATMs




For card to card transactions

0.5%, min 0.20 azn

PIN change

0.50 azn

Top up

not allowed

For complete security of all payment card transactions use 3D Secure system