XalqKart PETROL is a payment card allowing to get OIL bonuses for non-cash transactions everywhere. Making your daily purchases via this card which offers unique opportunities for car owners will be more beneficial for you: make more payments with XalqCard PETROL and exchange your OILs you earned to free fuel at Azpetrol gas stations!

Whether spending non-cash, keeping funds in your card account or withdrawal - it is beneficial with XalqKart anyway.

XalqKart PETROL is also available in two colours for your choice: we have combined exquisite design and privileges for you!


OIL bonuses on cashless payments everywhere

up to 40%

OIL bonuses from partners


Deposit income per annum


Commission free cash out


Free card top up

Card type: MasterCard World

Usage of OIL bonuses: Accrued bonuses are transferred to Customer’s bonus account on the last day of the same month. The bonuses accrued over this card may be used at all AZPETROL gas stations across the country. 1 OIL bonus gained is equivalent to 1 AZN. These bonuses may not be converted to cash. The bonuses may be used until card expiry date.

Monthly minimum number of OIL bonuses: 5 OILs

Monthly maximum number of OIL bonuses: 300 OILs

Interest calculation on card balance: Interests are calculated on a daily basis and are transferred to card balance on the last business day of the given month.

Minimum daily balance on which interest is calculated: 100 AZN

Maximum daily balance on which interest is calculated: 5 000 AZN

Cash out: Cash-out up to 1 000 AZN per month on each card account via Xalq Bank's ATMs and POS terminals is free of commission. Standard commission will be charged for cash-out of more amounts (0.5% мин. 0.4 AZN).

Card replenishment: XalqKart balance may be deposited without additional commission via branches of the Bank and Cash In type ATMs, also via payment terminals.

Tracing OIL bonus balance: You can get information about earned OIL bonuses by activating the SMS-notification service. Also, you may make your card transactions by XalqOnline mobile application and get detailed information about your OIL balance.

OIL bonuses at the Bank’s partners' network: It is available only by paying with XalqKart PETROL cards via Xalq Bank’s POS terminals in partner shopping centers and service areas.

Each client can get only one XalqKart PETROL.

Transactions on OIL bonuses is not calculated

Transactions on OIL is not calculated

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8, M.Rasulzada st.

Tel: +994502243550

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Concept Bohem: İstiqlaliyyat st.41, 2nd floor

Concept Vintage: Qoqol st.28, 2nd floor

Concept Estet: Rasul Rza st.15, 2nd floor

Concept Cozy: Jafar Jabbarli st.18, 2nd floor

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Port Baku Mall, 2-nd floor

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Yasamal Dist., H.Cavid st. 522/16

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AZIZI Coffee & Mocktail

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Baku Ring Road, Nardaran

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Sandavic kralı

Gogol street 8,(Malakan garden)


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Tandirloin Restaurant

Shuvelan Buzovna street

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+994 12 559 99 59

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Caribbean Pub & Restaurant

Mammad Efendiyev, 7, Baku Azerbaijan

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Shirvan city, M.A.Rasulzada street


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Additional functions

SMS Notification

You may get instant message on card transactions and control your balance. It may be activated via XalqOnline mobile application, at Xalq Bank ATMs or branches. Monthly service fee is 0.60 AZN.

Card to Card/Cash by Code

You may send funds making card to card transfers at any time of the day or withdrawal the transferred amount at ATMs without a card. Service is available via XalqOnline or at XalqBank ATMs.


You may assign any PIN code to your new card yourself. Service is available over www.xalqbank.az or at Xalq Bank's ATMs. Service is free.

3D Secure

You may encode your transactions in order to make secure online payments. It may be directly activated either by joining SMS Noticication function or at XalqBank ATMs. Service is free.

A safer, more secure and private way to pay.

XalqOnline mobile application

Functional and convenient XalqOnline system allows you to make bank transactions and control the card balance.


Cashback starting from 2%

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