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Child's savings

Bright and happy future of your children depends on your today's choice!

"Children savings" deposit will allow you to save up money for your child from the birth and to his adulthood.

Terms of deposit support maximum increase of invested money during the long period.

With the annual interest rate up to 6.5% and capitalization of interest, Child's deposit significantly increases your revenue. 

Enjoy the benefits of "Children' savings" deposit - capitalization of interest - addition of the accrued interest to the amount of deposit, and then accrual of interest on already replenished balance.

Terms of the "Children' savings" deposit allow monthly replenishment. Add money to the balance of deposit and increase your revenue!

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Annual interest rate


12 month

24 month







Term of deposit 

12 month (AZN/USD)

24 month (AZN)

Minimal amount  

1000 AZN/USD



(Terms of placement of a deposit in EUR currency are determined by mutual agreement of the parties)

Maximal amount

AZN – unlimited

USD – unlimited

Calculation and payment of interest  

Savings contact is prolonged for the next year, if not withdrawn when the contract term ends. (until the child becomes  18 years old). Savings interest is added to the main amount and capitalized.  

Replenishment of the account

No restriction  

Partial withdrawal of deposit  

Not allowed

Early withdrawal of deposit 

In case of withdrawal of deposit ahead of schedule amount of the earlier paid interest will be deducted from the primary amount of the deposit. Interest for the actual term of deposit is calculated as follows:  

Currency Up to 6 months From 6 months to 12 months From 12 to 18 months From 18 month to 24 month 











Your deposits are insured!

Additional conditions 

The deposit is opened on the name of a child under 18. When the child is 14, he/she can carry out operations with the deposit based on the power of attorney from parents. 


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