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Do you have a large surplus of funds?  This amount is more than 100 AZN/USD? Deposit "Progress" is your product!

Terms of the deposit allow its constant replenishment, which furthers increase of the invested amount and larger revenues.

You can replenish the deposit one-off up to 100 000 AZN/USD. 

Interest of this deposit can be paid to customer`s account or trasfered to special card account or added to the deposite amount by capitalization according to the choise of customer.

If you choose this product, the Bank will present you MasterCard Debit and also free use of Mobile Banking and SMS-notifications service.

Enjoy the benefits of "Progress" deposit - capitalization of interest, which means addition of the accrued percents to the amount of deposit, and then accrual of interest on already replenished balance.

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Annual interest rate   

6% AZN

1% USD

Term of deposit

12 months

Minimal amount  


Мaximal amount  

No restriction 



(Terms of placement of a deposit in EUR currency are determined by mutual agreement of the parties)

Calculation and payment of interest  

Interests is transferred to a current or card account for interest payments on a monthly basis at the customerəs request. 

Replenishment of the account 

The amount of one-off replenishment must not exceed 100 000 AZN/USD

Depositing of additional funds are possible during the first 6 months of the period.

Partial withdrawal of deposit  

Not allowed 

Early withdrawal of deposit 

In case of withdrawal of deposit ahead of schedule amount of the earlier paid interest will be deducted from the primary amount of the deposit. Interest for the actual term of deposit is calculated as follows:












Your deposits are insured!

*Except cases when deposit is placed at "Bash" branch or in branches that do not provide safe depositary services. 



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