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After some period of time every apartment or home requires renovation.

For these purposes Xalq Bank offers you a loan for amount up to 150 000 AZN. Loan for home renovation is issued for a period of 72 months, starting from 16% annual interest rate. Apply, take a loan and repair your apartment!

Having taken home renovation loan in Xalq Bank you will have the following advantages:

  • Low interest rate on the loan;
  • Access to receive money partially (in tranches); in this case interest rate is calculated only on the used part of the loan;
  • Low service fee.

We offer loans with tranche! For example, if you have been approved for 100 000 AZN amounted loan, you can partially wihdraw the amount and pay interest only for the used part of the loan.

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Loan amount 

With the guarantee of individuals: 500 - 20 000 AZN

With the pledge of personal property: 500 - 100 000 AZN
With the pledge of real estate: 500 - 100 000 AZN

Annual interest rate

With the pledge of personal property/real estate: 12 - 16%
With the guarantee of individuals:  12 - 16%

Service fee 

0.2% of the loan amount (min. 20 AZN,
max. 1 000 AZN)


Guarantee of physical / legal persons
Pledge of personal property / real estate


Repair loans conditions are as following:



Interest rate

Amount AZN (max.)

Unsecured renovation loan by Xalq Bank OJSC


14 - 16

 5 000*

Renovation loan issued under the guarantee of physical and legal persons


12 - 16

 20 000

Renovation loan loans issued with real estate collateral

Real estate

12 - 16

 150 000

renovation loan  issued with automobile collateral


12 - 16

 150 000


* The maximum amount is 3 000 AZN.in the regions of the country except branches located in Baku,Ganja and Sumgayit cities. 


Requirements to the Borrower and the Guarantor:


20 - 70 (by the end of credit payment period)

Minimum length of service on the last job

6 months

Other requirements

Positive credit history of the Borrower


Whenever guarantor is a legal entity, money turnover on all current accounts of the guarantor for the lasr 12 months must not be less than 15 000 AZN in a quarter.

Required documents:

Documents submitted by the Borrower and Guarantor – an individual  

  • Application for a loan  (in a form approved by the Bank);
  • ID of the Borrower and Guarantor;
  • Certificate of earnings (for the Borrower and Guarantor):
     - reference from the employer, with the indication of position and salary for the last  6 months (month-by-month)  
     - for entrepreneurs:  copy of certificate of registration in the state bodies and tax declaration for the last 2 quarters;
  • Document about military service (or exemption from military service) (if the Borrower is a man).


Documents submitted by the Guarantor - a legal entity  

  • Certificate of state registration of legal entity in the state bodies;
  • Charter of the legal entity;
  • Statement of accounts for the last 12 months (month-by-month).


To make decision about the issuance of the loan the Bank has right to request additional information, as well as the documents necessary for the confirmation of submitted information.




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