12 September 2023

Xalq Bank is running a campaign on “Contact” money transfer system

Xalq Bank is launching a new gift campaign on fast money transfers together with Bakcell's "Ulduzum" loyalty program

Starting today, anyone who makes a transaction through the "Contact" instant money transfer system at any branch of Xalq Bank will receive a gift of 15 minutes of talk from Bakcell. Additionally, customers who send the 10 largest amounts of money and receive the 10 largest amounts of funds during the campaign period will receive various valuable gifts. The campaign is valid until October 30. It should be noted that it is possible to quickly transfer or receive money to more than 180 countries of the world at affordable rates through the "Contact" system.

Information about Xalq Bank's products and services can be obtained from the Bank's branch network, the official website https://xalqbank.az/, 138 Information Center, and on social network pages.