Vajiya Samedova (1924-1965)

Vajiya Samedova (1924-1965)

The greatest Azerbaijani artist and Honored Art Woker Vajiya Samedova was born in Baku in 1924. In 1939-1944 she studied in the Azerbaijani Art Collage named after Azim Azimzade. After graduating from the collage in 1944, she entered the Moscow State Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov and was lucky enough to be accepted into the workshop pf Pavel Korin, the prominent Russian painter. After post graduation Vajiya received an offer to stay for work in the Art Institute, but she refused and decided to return ti Azerbaijan and dedicate her life to the art.

Vajiya Samedova travelled extensively through Azerbaijan with her husband adn colleague Latif Feyzullayev. During these trips Vajiya perfectly portrayed mysterious beauty and fantastic nature of the country, the lifestyle and interests of the local people.

Teaching at the A.Azimzade Art Collage was an important part of her creative life. Vajiya taught students the professional basics, guided them on the serious approach to work, founded their understandig of the aesthetic criteria of art and taught them to find the work they did best.

Despite the extremely short life, innately talented Vajiya Samedova has left immensely rich heritage. Art exhibitions organized in Baku, Moscow and Sofia were incredibly successful.

The shades of colors, national character portrayed by Vajiya Samedova, freedom of creative imagination and deep talent of the Master of the brush become the reason to store her paintings in museums around the world.

In 1965 the name of Vajiya Samedova was given to the Art Gallery of the Artists` Union of Azerbaijan.