Unallocated metal account

Xalq Bank offers to open and maintain unallocated metal account.

Gold is one of the most profitable tolls to invest and increase of funds.

Unallocated metal account of Xalq Bank is an account designed for cashless gold transactions where the gold is evaluated in grams/ounces without indicating individual features (number of bar, name, tint, manufacturer, serial number, etc.).

When an account is opened, the Bank transfers purchased precious metal to the customer's account in accordance with the sales rate set by the Bank. Quotes for purchase and sale of the precious metals in an unallocated form is independently set by the Bank taking into account internal market rates and valid prices set by the Central Bank of the country, as well as the tendencies in the global market of precious metals.

The advantages of having unallocated metal account in Xalq Bank:

  • This account allows you to accumulate funds through increase of gold value. Gold is one of the most profitable global investment tool today;

  • VAT is not applied to the account, which makes this account more beneficial and attractive for clients;

  • Unlike the purchase of gold bars, this account does not require the lease of safe deposit boxes for storage of gold;

  • Investment in unallocated gold allows reducing the risks related to unfavourable changes in currency markets.

To open an unallocated metal account you need to visit any branch of the Bank and present the documents required for account opening.

Main conditions to open and maintain the account:

  • Opening an account - free

  • Minimum deposit amount - none

  • Minimum account balance - none

  • Accrual of interest - not applicable

  • Withdrawal of gold (in a physical form) from the account - not allowed

  • Closing an account – free

Unallocated metal account allows you to carry out the following transactions:

  • Purchase and sell gold at the rate beneficial for you and gain a profit as a difference between the sale and purchase rates;

  • Unlimited top up of the account;

  • Transfer gold from one account to another opened in other Bank;

  • Close the account at no additional cost.


*Bank holds the right to submit to the authorized state body  documents containing information mentioned in inter-governmental agreements due to Common Reporting Standards that is applied in the frame of Multilateral agreement among authorized bodies regarding automatic information exchange about financial accounts.

**The sale of the bullion is temporarily suspended.

Unallocated metal account